National Sustainable Energy

Those looking to make the switch from traditional energy sources to solar energy usually have the economic benefits, the sustainability, or both that come along with solar energy production. However, national security can be tied deeply into sustainable energy as more Americans and businesses begin to rely on solar energy. Solar saver center is shedding light on the center for sustainable energy information.  Therefore the topic at hand is renewable energy, in the form of solar energy. There are different kinds of renewable energy sources, however we will only be concerned with solar. When it comes to national security, energy resources are in high demand. Most countries are currently operating off non renewable energies, which can be problematic for the future.

The United States’ Dependency on Foreign Resources

While coal is plentiful in the United States and the usage of it is on the decline, 2/3 of the United State’s other fossil fuel needs are imported from foreign sources. Foreign policy can be a tough subject, but for the most part, most understand that conflicts arise as resources can be used as leverage against the United States in negotiations. Therefore as the demand increases, the need for renewable energy sources also increases. Which means obtaining the desired resources for a nation, would be considered national security.

Natural Gas Imports Have Been Declining

The United States’ has been importing less natural gas with an annual decline since 2007. The reason for this is due to the United States has increased its ability to produce natural gas, thus eliminating the need to purchase it from a foreign state. The main trading partner for natural gas is Canada, which a country that the United States has a very good relationship with.

Solar Energy Can Eliminate the Natural Gas Demand

The overall need for natural gas and other fossil fuels can be eliminated immensely as more Americans continue to make the switch to solar energy. As citizens begin switching to solar, and other renewable resources the nations demand as a whole will go down. Idealistically, we can hope the entire nation switches, although may seem impractical. If there was some sort of government aid, to bolster this overhaul it would be more realistic. The United States will be in a position where the production of natural gas is proficient enough to serve the American people, and its businesses as the amount produced and exported will exceed the amount imported and consumed. This is great for national growth.

The Competitive Advantage

The United States has been criticized for involvement in foreign affairs, with many suspecting that natural resources played a huge role in the United States’ involvement. With an energy-producing superpower, the United States will have the advantage over foreign nations that require natural energy sources who once had the advantage over it. Although the real competitive advantage will come from a nation ran strictly off of renewable energy, the fossil fuel energies can then be used in time of crisis or unexpected demand.