Studies on Renewable Energy

November 19, 2016

Renewable Energy

Solar Energy Fact: Solar Power Costs Half of What Coal Costs.

Ever since America entered the industrial age back in the early 1760s, coal has been used as a strong source of combustible energy. However, as time has progressed coal has become more expensive and turned out to be extremely damaging to the Earth’s environment. The biggest issue with coal is having consistent imports along with the rising taxes, so there is a new for a renewable energy source. One of the most prominent sources of renewable energy has been solar! The advancing solar energy technologies that have been invented will potentially replace coal completely, which is great if the intention is to cut back on the overall carbon footprint – but currently the cost of solar energy is standing in the way. The only way for solar to become more accessible is for educated professionals to engineer cutting edges build designs out of inexpensive products.

According to institutional analysis renewable energy is succeeding; one megawatt-hour of solar-produced electricity in North America currently costs $50, compared to $102 for coal-originating power. The analysis computes the unit cost of power over the lifetime of the generating asset, such as a wind farm or power station, and takes into account lowering prices for components such as PV systems(solar panels), racks, turbines, inverters. In 2009, one megawatt-hour of solar-produced electricity in North America cost $359 – with coal-originating power costing $111. Solar components and energy production has been decreasing annually for quite some time, and it’s extremely exciting seeing the numbers this low!

Solar Energy Fact: There is a High Demand For Renewable Energy Professionals

Solar energy has been taking our societies by storm in the past decade as we make an effort to reduce our carbon footprint worldwide. Renewable energy and sustainable energy industries are growing along with the demand for qualified professionals. Renewable Energy needs professionals are needed to develop, install, and maintain these renewable energy technologies.  One of the leading institutions for photovoltaics is the Oregon Institute of Technology(OIT). They were the first to offer North Americans a four-year undergraduate degree program in renewable energy starting back in 2005. Currently, they hold a Bachelor of Science program in Renewable Energy Engineering. This prepares students to develop, manage, and implement sustainable energy technologies. The program’s core courses include energy management, wind power, fuel cells, and photovoltaic system.

Much like OIT, The University of Texas in Austin offers an incredible bachelor-level engineering program for renewable energy. The Energy Systems and Renewable Energy Technical Core program is for those who are training to work in power systems, solar conversion devices, and the development of solar-powered vehicles! U.C. Berkeley is one of the most iconic and well-known schools throughout the United States. It has been known as the “birthplace” for the movement of free speech and is now making a name for itself in energy and clean technology. Although they don’t feature a technical study, their full-time MBA program was created to connect individuals in the business and public policy sectors closer to energy problems.

As the demand for renewable energy increases, so will our hopes of increasing young renewable energy professionals.