Solar Energy

December 14, 2017

Solar Energy

Unless you’ve been living under a rock recently, there is no way to miss the multitude of advertisements or news posts about the advancement of solar energy. Thanks to the call for sustainable energy that has risen in the last few years there has been an explosion of installations and diverse creation methods from large companies such as Tesla.  When it comes to the topic of sustainability of solar energy there is a pretty large divide on what is fact and what is fiction.

Sustainability of Solar Energy

First and foremost, when looking into the application of solar energy you will find that the sustainability of a naturally developing resource far outweighs the use of our finite fossil fuel energy. Not to mention that harnessing the naturally reoccurring source of energy is completely free, with the only cost being the installation of a device capable of converting solar energy into AC/DC energy traditional electrical grids use. This process greatly reduces our carbon footprint on the earth and aids countries in becoming independent producers of their own energy, reducing the need to rely on foreign aid.

This is a large advantage over fossil fuels, who’s resources and the energy produced becoming less sustainable by the day. With limited resources and negative environmental impact, they have caused immense pollution releasing harmful gasses into the air, which aid in the environmental degradation of the earth over the year impacting atmosphere, landmasses and our limited water supply.

Solar Energy Facts

When the advancement of any new technological advancement there will always be a rise of speculations. Primarily from those who have grown so accustomed to their traditional way operating, and the worry of being left behind when a new advancement gains traction. Here we will discuss the fact vs. myth of some common issue.

Myth: Solar Panels Stop Working in Cloudy & Snowy Weather

Fact: Solar system still work in cloudy and cold environments, they also work during a solar eclipse. Solar panels are composed of technology that allow them to work efficiently and effectively in cloudy weather as solar rays continue to pass through the clouds. Interestingly enough, solar panels work more efficient in cold weather versus hot weather.

Myth: Solar Panel Kits Will Damage Your Roof

Fact: Solar panels have been shown to benefit roofs as they shield it from the natural weather elements throughout the year. Solar Panel Kits mount on top of your roof on raised solar mounts, so they are not directly installed onto the roof. In the event of replacement or repair there will be no holes, or other damage, left behind.

Myth: Solar Panels Take Forever to Generate Savings

Fact: Solar panels can be obtained easily by Americans today with little to no money down alongside purchased power agreements, in order to start seeing an economic impact immediately. Homeowners can customize their agreements and solar energy plans where in many case solar companies will purchase energy back from the user. Homeowners can set up a clean energy plan with their solar company as opposed to dealing with the traditional utility company. This proves to be cheaper for many.

Solar Energy and Beyond

It’s not uncommon to find yourself asking the same questions most have when it comes to solar. Due to its quick rise to relevancy it is completely within the realm of reasoning for most to be skeptical, but the openness to adapting a newer form of energy production is what will provide us the advancements we need. With renewable energy at the forefront of most creators minds it is only a matter of time until the next big advancement is constructed and solar is seen as the norm. Until that day solar is one of our best options for affordable energy.