Solar Panel Installations

April 17, 2018

Solar Panel Installations Are Breaking Records all around the world!

As prices continue to fall and the benefits of solar energy become more commonly known throughout the general public – solar energy installations will continue to rise throughout America as more households make the switch from natural energy to solar energy annually. As of 2018, there are more than 1.3 million solar-equipped households across the United States.

It turns out that renewable energy such has solar has sky-rocketed in installation popularity. Matter of fact the globe went crazy over solar panel systems, the idea of clean renewable energy has been around since the 90s, but we’ve only just saw the revolution towards a clean globe start recently.

2016 Was a Record-Breaking Year

It was recorded that solar power installations had doubled from 2015 in 2016. Nearly 40% of new power generation projects in 2016 were solar. 22 states each added more than 100 megawatts, according to a report from Greentech Media. 2016 solar statistics revealed that it was the first time that the growth of non-residential installations surpassed residential solar growth!

People and Businesses are Voluntarily Choosing Solar

While it is true that government subsidies and tax benefits play a major role in people and businesses upgrading from traditional energy to solar energy – the GTM report reveals that many households and businesses are choosing to go solar without subsidies or other tax benefits.

The price of solar-produced energy is half the price of coal-originating energy and other natural resources. This reason alone is enough for people to make the switch as they understand the potential savings that will follow as they begin to rely on solar-produced energy rather than utility produced energy!

Solar panel installation cost can be very expensive. A small scale solar system can run you about $5000, and naturally as the scale goes up so does the price. But, so does the investment value; the idea of installing solar panels, is to have a way to generate solar electricity that will eventually diminished your homes electric bill. Which when you consider long term, the pay off is there! Hence why this is considered an investment. Solar panels can last for decades, and the electric bill will be diminished every year so if you can figure out what the average bill per month over 30 years compared to the initial cost of the solar system you’ll convince yourself.

There is a stigma out there about solar panel installations should only be installed by professionals because there is some electrical work(solar electricity). But this isn’t true, solar system installation and solar panel installation can truly be done yourself. If you find yourself to be handy with a pair of tools, then a solar system project is definitely right up your alley. Go ahead and research some testimonials for DIY solar panel installations, many homeowners are taking on the projects themselves to save the expense of professional installers(which frankly isn’t needed). All it takes is research(how to install solar panels, how much does it cost to install solar panel), you’ll find dozens and dozens of homeowner self-installed solar panel systems that turned out great.