Solar Panel Repairs

February 1, 2016

Solar Panel Repairs

Solar panels can be extremely durable as they hold up against the natural elements that they are exposed to all year round. Solar Panels will go through constant abuse from nature, whether its consistent sunlight radiation or severe storms. Think about it, this device is mounted to a structure 24/7, this means it has no choice but to endure the environment it is in. This means, on a yearly basis this device has to tolerate high heat exposure(which most electrical devices can fail at). This also means the device has to withstand harsh storms, that can cause improperly mounted panels to be ripped off(by high speed wins), or damaged by debris (or hail). Solar Panel Storm Damage is often experienced and Solar Panel Hail Damage is categorized along with it, most often the solar panel damage is repairable. Solar panel repairs are more common than you think.

I Have a Crack – Is It Useless?

Solar cells surprisingly enough can continue to produce the majority of their rated voltage even with some damage done to them! Of course, the amount of energy produced will always depend on how badly the panel is damaged – but most cells will continue functioning given that they’re up to 80% intact. Anything less than that will most likely cease functioning.

Try to Replace It Immediately

Semi-intact solar panels will still be able to produce anywhere from 85-100% of its rated voltage, but the homeowner should work on having the damaged panel replaced once damage has been noted. If there is damage done under a purchasing power agreement (PPA) the homeowner can be held responsible in some cases, as the solar system would technically be owned by the solar panel provider.

Accidents and other damages that were out of your control should be reported to have them properly replaced to avoid a disaster down the road. Manufacturing defects especially should be reported to avoid having to pay for a defect that was out of your hands.

Your Options:

  1. When you have a damaged solar panel you have two options, you can have it replaced. Usually you’ll have to call the manufacturer or service provider to inform them of a damaged/defect. In this case, usually a Solar Panel Repair Technician will be dispatched to the address to service it. This means the technician may have to detach the panel from the mounts and perform solar panel repairs or replacement.
  2. You can sell your damaged solar panels, because there are a few people out there that are willing to buy damage solar panels. This is usually done if option one has been tried. Some times there might be irreplaceable damage, and the best thing is to buy a new set of solar panels(because these things happen). So then your stuck with buying brand new solar panels and the previously damaged ones. The service provider may ask you to take your damaged devices off your hands. You in turn can decline, and make a few extra bucks off selling these to someone willing to buy damaged solar panels.