Solar Power System

March 9, 2017

Solar Power System

Maintaining your solar power system is key to sustaining a strong and properly functioning structure! While it’s true that one benefit of solar systems is that they require low maintenance, any solar system owner should be up to speed on the maintenance process if they’d like to get the most out of their solar systemSolar power systems are crucial when it comes to clean energy. We show you how to clean and maintain you solar panel system, to keep its performance at a high level so your always benefiting from your solar system.

Clean Energy

Clean energy is known as a renewable energy, renewable energy typically means this energy generation process can be done through natural processes.

The most common renewable energy resources are biomass, geothermal, hydro-power, wind and solar. Solar, is a great example of clean energy sources we’ve adapted to since early 1990s. We started proactively pushing for solar to combat the challenge to reduce overall greenhouse gas emissions of dirty energy sources (combustion/radiation).

Keeping it clean

Making sure your solar panels are kept clean is one of the most important things you can do when it comes to maintaining clean energy. Solar Panels should be regularly inspected for dust, grime, bird droppings and other types of debris that may be blocking the sun from being absorbed properly by the panels.

The first step to cleaning is quite simple – a rinse with a standard garden hose. Once the panel has been rinsed down, use a soft spongy squeegee on a long pole along with some soapy water to scrub away any imperfections that were not able to be rinsed away. Don’t forget to rinse it down after the scrub to remove any access suds!

If your panels are too hard to reach without climbing a ladder, we would recommend that you leave the cleaning to professionals. A quick Internet search for a professional can be done in most solar-equipped areas and each should be compared for the best price and availability. Simply by googling, “solar panel cleaning” you will find a bunch of cleaning service providers that would be happy to help.

Clean Solar Panels for Clean Energy

Solar panels should always be near optimal running conditions to generate their desired out-out.  Seeing as how buyers typically who invest in solar are environmental enthusiasts who wish to save money on their electric bill. Keeping the system at peak performance is definitely a must and is honestly the main responsibility solar energy consumers.  Any technical maintenance should always be left to the solar panel provider and their professional technicians.

When it comes to solar batteries – you should store them in a constantly cool and dry location.  Solar panel battery will work best in the coolness to slow down the chemical processes within the battery, therefore prolonging the battery’s life!

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